Content Creation

In today’s online world, everyone has a platform. There are a multitude of channels available to push and deliver key messages and information to the public – but your business needs to stand out.

We work with clients to ensure that all content speaks to your audience and is delivered via the most effective platform. We will help you establish a strategic communications strategy utilizing new and existing methods of outreach, encompassing both public and media relations. We will ensure our content reaches your audience whether they get their information online, in print, on their mobile – anywhere!

Public Relations

Maintaining a positive image through relations with the public is vital to the success of any business.

We work with our clients to create strategic initiatives that create lasting relationships with all those who interact with or are impacted by the organization on all levels. We ensure that our clients are projecting a consistent image to the public that is in line with the desires and goals of the company. Our team has years of experience working with company communications departments and can produce strategic PR ranging from a press release to an entire communications program.

Media Relations

In addition to creating positive relations with the public, it is also important to establish a good rapport with media who are in a position to cover your company.

We have years of experience building and maintaining strong relationships with writers, producers, reporters, editors, and bloggers that are tailored to our clients’ vertical. We work to create compelling, news worthy stories and topics that we can weave in with current news and trends in an effort to gain maximum exposure and key placements for our clients. We build strong relationships with national, regional, and trade publications to not only garner earned media coverage but to place original written content (i.e. bylines) for our clients.

Spokesperson Media Training

We look at our clients as the go-to experts in their respective business and/or industry. However, it is important to be able to convey that expertise in an easily digestible way for the general public.

We provide media and spokesperson training for our clients so that they can effectively communicate their products and/or services in a compelling way to the media as well as the general public. We work with our clients to develop key messages for their company and product/service and offer one-on-one role-playing and coaching, videotaping and personalized reviews to ensure that our clients are fully prepared and comfortable to speak on behalf of their company with respect to public speaking engagements, TV appearances, radio interviews, phone interviews, etc.